Real Estate

in Disaster-Prone and Off-grid Regions.

Zero Disruption + Climate Change Ready.


Features & Benefits.

Food Production

The Z Sphere has two options for food production, one interior and one exterior. Both are low-maintenance hydroponic solutions.

Water Filtration / Treatment

The Z Sphere has a water filtration system for treating impure water to filter out particles and pollutants.

Emergency Relief

The Z Sphere is the ideal solution for introducing basic survival needs, medical treatment and more into disaster areas.

Power Generation

Solar, wind and other power options based on your needs. The Z Sphere can be configured as your own dedicated micro power utility!

Disaster Protection

Designed to withstand the harshest of environments, including hurricanes, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, extreme cold and more.

Living or Working Space

Why not get back to what we used to do and work where we live? The Z Sphere brings that concept back into the limelight.

Potable Water Source

The Z Sphere has two options for creating potable drinking water; atmospheric and rainwater harvesting.


Interior Views.

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Z Sphere Products.

The Z Sphere is a geodesic sphere, made of modular structural panels designed to withstand natural disasters including – Hurricanes, Floods, Storm surge, Earthquakes, Wildfires and more.


The Z Sphere comes in three sizes (diameter):

20 Feet

(500+ sq ft)

  • Multi floors, smaller unit, humanitarian applications.
  • Hospitality, Resorts, Emergency Response, Remote Locations, and Small Residential.

30 Feet

(1000+ sq ft)

  • Small family of 4-5 or small multi-office or business.
  • Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Relief, Hospitality Resorts, Schools and Residential

50 Feet

(3000+ sq ft)

  • Multi floor large family retreat, medium size office.
  • Commercial, Hospitality, Resorts, Schools, Humanitarian Aid and Residential
  • Structural Insulated Panel Outer Walls
  • Building wind rating of 200MPH (SUSTAINED)
  • Advanced thermal insulation
  • Off-grid power system
  • Advanced Climate Control Systems
  • (20) Double pane thermally insulated windows with screens – Both fixed and operable
  • Interior elevator and exterior stairs
  • Window impact protection covers for high wind events
  • Full wrap-around deck
  • Integrated, resilient solar power
  • Integrated, resilient wind power
  • Integrated, resilient solar water heater
  • Integrated freshwater generation and purification
  • Power storage appliance
  • Sewer or septic hookup
  • Entry door electric rolling storm shutter
  • Minor Brushfire & forest fire resilient
  • Flood resilient up to 4′ of standing water or storm surge
  • Superior impact resilience – hail, blown debris, etc.
  • Exterior Color Options
  • Reinforced, insulated concrete panel exterior – Ideal for Tornado prone areas
  • Building wind rating of 250MPH (SUSTAINED)
  • Flood resilience up to 20′ of standing water or storm surge
  • Brushfire and/or forest fire exterior suppression system (to protect the structure from elevated temps and fire damage)
  • Exterior elevator (full accessibility, including wheelchairs)
  • Custom window options for unique venues, including high-impact glass options
  • Advanced earthquake base
  • Custom exterior colors, logos and more


A community and humanitarian oasis providing shelter, water, power and stored food when needed most!

Essential public services will continue after a disaster strikes.

Central disaster relief center for federal, state and local relief.
School location for continued education to prevent learning loss.


A commercial application to mitigate disruption of businesses after a disaster. This includes restaurants, medical clinics.

Unique restaurant & hospitality venues. Airbnb, Dining, Eco Tourism.


Professional offices for company team and housing inventory.

Supports fast recovery of cash flow after a disaster while competition is closed.

Resilient Residential

A cutting-edge residential home designed built upon the principles of resilience and sustainability.
Geodesic Spheres Residential.
Z Sphere & conventional style models.
It brings current home automation to an entirely new level.

Why Choose
Z Sphere.

Z Sphere, Inc. is bringing to market the world’s FIRST and ONLY municipal, commercial and residential building architecture with unrivaled features in a single package

Simple Design

A geodesic SPHERE. Economical and elegant design

Extreme Natural Disaster Resilience

including; hurricanes, storm surge, floods, tornadoes, fires and earthquakes (for example, resilient up to 200 mph SUSTAINED winds). Best-suited for remote or disaster-prone areas anywhere in the world.


Long Lasting Architecture

Built to last 100+ years


Disaster Resilient Utilities

Potable water, solar power, wind power, greywater treatment and more

Quick Build Time

Watertight in less than 30 days once site is ready


About Z Sphere.

Z Sphere, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation bringing REAL resiliency and sustainability solutions to market. We’ve created a simple, durable, yet highly efficient building solution intended to save lives and reduce dependence on today’s unsustainable water, food, power and building methods.

The Z Sphere system incorporates unique sustainability features (such as fresh water, food and power production) that will revolutionize the way we live & work anywhere in the world. The Z Sphere is not for everyone. It’s not intended for major cities which are by design, promoting dependency and complexity. We’re looking for those customers that know they need to make a change to reduce dependency on current “systems” of living and begin making a difference for generations to come! If you are an individual, responsible for your family, a business owner like-minded group, church, firefighter, and first responder, government representative, military leader or other person concerned for the well-being of those around you, then the Z Sphere is for you!

Meet the Z Sphere Engagement Team.

We are pioneers, with not only a focus on bringing manufacturing and meaningful jobs to America, but also ensuring the well-being of our clients while supporting their local economies.
Charlie DeFelice
COO, Executive Vice President, Sales Director

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  • 35+ years in technology leadership roles in the financial services Industry with both internal and external sales roles
  • Technology and Business Operations Management lead of 17 global mergers and acquisitions with JP Morgan Chase
  • Expert analog and digital systems integrator
  • Systems automation expert – currently working closely with UiPATH and Oracle
  • 35+ years experience in Fortune 500 Enterprises and Government Agencies including HUD, Freddie Mac, ODNI (including testimony for the Federal Appropriations Committee) and more
  • Global speaker on Business Transformation, CRM, Customer Centricity and Global Financial Business Architectures.
Charlie A. Serrano
Charlie A. Serrano
Director of Operations

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  • 35 yrs in Urban Planning Policy, executing strategic sustainable practices and International Relations
  • Managing Director of an International strategic planning, governmental relations and regulation consulting business operating in the Caribbean Basin.
  • Expertise in strategic planning and creating economic development processes to improve quality of life and full participation strategies for low income, people of color and disadvantaged populations.
  • Experienced applying sustainable strategies in urban and rural areas, renewable sustainable energy, vertical agriculture, biotechnology, nanotechnology and zero footprint resilient housing.
  • UIC / HUD Fellow 1988-1990, Fellow, The American Assembly, Fellow, Leadership Greater Chicago, Member of the Abundance Digital Community and Singularity University.
  • Masters in Urban Planning Public Affairs in Urban Housing Development; Undergraduate degrees in Theology, Biblical Languages, Secondary Education and Applied Investigative Technology. University of Illinois Chicago, Andrews University, Michigan.
Ray Curry

VP of Construction

[email protected]

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As an VP of Construction for Z Sphere Ray is responsible for the planning, coordination, and execution of all aspects of the architectural work, ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency. With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Ray has a strong work ethic, a loyal attitude, and a passion for excellence successfully delivering projects on time and under budget. Ray is committed to positioning Z Sphere as a leader in eco-conscious building solutions.
George Tsafonias

VP of Marketing

[email protected]

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As the Director of Marketing at Z Sphere, George spearhead strategic initiatives to elevate our brand presence and drive market expansion. developing innovative marketing strategies tailored to our target audiences’ needs and preferences. Leveraging his 20+ extensive experience in digital marketing, brand management, and campaign execution. George is committed to positioning Z Sphere as a leader in eco-conscious living solutions, driving awareness and adoption of our innovative products and services.